Sunday, October 11, 2009

I think we're going to count Jake's first word as "uh-oh". It's the only word he consistently uses in context.

My babybear has had a terrible stuffy nose for a week now, and it's getting prety bad now. He can't breathe through his nose, and I can't make it better. :(

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jake's first haircut

We took Jake to get his first haircut today. Bianca, at Patrizia's Salone in Vienna, VA, has been cutting Andrew's hair since he was 8 years old, so of course she was thrilled to give Jake his first trim. She was so good, too, getting around all of his squirmy fingers and keeping him distracted. Jake looks so different now, all grown up. My little baby is a toddler now!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jake's out-of-control hair and other pictures

Well, Jake's hair is below his eyes, so it's time for a hair cut. We've got one scheduled for tomorrow, and he needs it, as you can see:

Here's a few recent cute ones too:

Jake playing in the packaging peanuts


Getting ready for Halloween:

Having lunch with Daddy:

And finally, a preview of Jake's ADORABLE Halloween costume: My Little Stinker

Thursday, October 1, 2009

first steps!

Hi all!
On Tuesday evening (Sept 24th), in full view of Andrew, myself, Nana, Pop and Nana Jean, Jake took 2.5 steps! Wow! So I think we can say that he's really starting to walk!
I also am continually surprised at how smart he is. You know, for an 11-month-old. He loves closing doors, and knows how to get around them and out of the way so that he can close them completely (and then gets angry when he can't open them so that he can shut them again). He also has figured out how to go down steps!! I love watching him do it, because we didn't teach him that, he figured it out by himself! He turns around and backs up... only problem is that he does that for everything now; he thinks he can get down off the bed and everything that way! It's made him more fearless!

gift registries

Hi all! With Jake's first birthday coming up, we wanted everyone to know that he's still registered at Babies R Us/Toys R Us (registry # 62213659) and at (search "Rachel A. Korpanty"). You know, just in case. ;)

(Alot of the same stuff is on each registry, just FYI)