Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some pictures

Hello! Things are getting exciting around here in the Lee household as Jacob has really conquered "rolling" and has moved on to "scooching". It's about the cutest thing ever, to watch him move backwards like an inch worm. Not too fast or far yet, but it's only a matter of time. He's getting cuter by the day, and SOOO much fun to interact with now! Here's him practicing his standing- he's getting better and better doing it alone, but of course, he can't pull himself up yet.

Eating is becoming more interesting too! Jake is VERY interested in what we're eating, and can't stand to be relegated to the high chair with nothing to chew on, which has led to some disagreement between his parents about what kinds of foods are big enough for him to pick up, but still small enough that he won't choke. We're still keeping up with the baby food, and we recently introduced prunes. Jacob loves prunes, apparently. He was adamant that we let him feed himself. The results are below.

Those who know me know that I have zero musical talent, but Andrew certainly does. I've long harbored hope that our children would inherit it from him, and to that end have saved the small wooden piano Beka and I played on as kids. Now that Jake can sit up on his own, I pulled it out and scrubbed it down (removing all of the "Rebecca" stickers!), and Jake LOVES making noise on it.

This one is my absolute favorite, because he really seems like he knows what he's doing.

Take a look at that finger work! He's a maestro!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

another trip to SC

The Tuesday after Mother's Day Jake and I flew down to Charleston, where we celebrated the holiday with my mother for the first time in about 10 years. That was really nice and special. I made her a book of baby photos of myself and Jacob, interspersed with reflections on becoming a mother- she really liked it. Being on Edisto Island is always nice and relaxing. This trip was a little different, because Andrew wasn't there to share baby-responsibilities, but my parents and sister were thrilled to have him all to themselves.

We took the little guy to the beach and we went swimming in the river behind our house... he seemed to like the salt water just as much as the pool! (bonus: He didn't have to wear a swim diaper!) I think the little shrimpies nibbled at him, because he got tired of swimming soon enough, but he loved splashing.

He also ate lots of different things- corn cobs seem to be a favorite (after we've eaten most of the corn). They're big enough for him to hold, but small enough he can fit them in his mouth and chew on them; since all the big kernels are gone, he can suck on all the small bits of corn left.

I didn't bring a camera down, but had the small video camera. Here's a cute video of him playing on the floor. We left him down there for a few minutes, and when I came back I saw that he had scooted himself over to the coffee table and pulled out all of the magazines and was chewing on them. So cute! Bonus: a good shot of him rolling from his tummy to his back!

Mother's Day

OK, this post is a little late, but I wanted to tell you all that we had a lovely Mother's Day around these parts. Much better than last year, when the basement flooded. I woke up to Jake crying in his crib (as usual), and found him chewing on an adorable card labeled "to Mommy". It was so sweet. Andrew had to work 'til 2pm, so Jake and I joined his family for brunch at the club.

Andrew came home with another card and a few gifts for me from him and Jake- a lovely set of gold and opal earrings (October birthstone) and pendant. That evening we all went out again with Andrew's family for some Peking Duck- my favorite!! I probably ate a whole duck myself! YUM! Jake sat in his high chair and had rice for the first time- just like a little Chinese boy should! We all had a blast!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Jake had his 6-month doctor's appointment yesterday- better late than never! He handled all of his shots like a champ- crying pitifully but calming down soon enough, even laughing in the waiting room while we scheduled his next appt. The doctor was very impressed by his development (She said he was "very advanced")- I think she meant his sitting, rolling, sleeping through the night, teething and whatnot. She also commented again and again on how sweet and mellow he was. We sure are lucky to have such a perfect baby.

He's in the 95th percentile for height (28in), weight (21.5lbs) and head circumference (18in), and his feet are pretty big too! :) Basically, a huge baby all around!

We celebrated his 6 month birthday a few weeks back, on April 24th, with a little BBQ for family over here. I made an adorable cake, which I hope to find pictures of soon to post (anyone have any?), and it was a nice, low-key evening. Jake, of course, didn't get any of the yummy chocolate ice cream cake.

He is eating other stuff though- we're trying to give him more solids- bananas, avocado, really steamed veggies... stuff that he can pick up but is still mushy. Very messy, as you can imagine. He doesn't like the little pouch with the food in it- he obviously likes his food whole and choke-able. :) I'll try to get some video of that adventure.

Meanwhile, here's a VERY grainy, poor quality video of Jake that we took last night. Andrew was teaching him to roll the ball (or at least, we were cheering when he'd accidentally drop the ball and it would roll towards one of us). I apologize for the poor quality, but the camera has trouble in darker rooms. But it shows off some of his wonderful new skills- Jake is sitting up like a champ, picking up the ball, etc., makes adorable raspberries (yes, that's HIM going "plllbbbt!"), says "mamamamama" and even waves there at the end! Hopefully we'll be able to get a better vid of all of these talents, but this should do for now!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jake shows off his new teeth.